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“From his farm to the Tomorrowland Winter stage,
  the incredible Galluxy’s Challenge”


From the Farm to Tomorrowland,
is a project started by a 25 y-o French/farmer DJ/producer called Galluxy.


His goal, simply move from the barn to the stage during Tomorrowland winter.
Galluxy lives in the mountains of Savoie / Haute-Savoie in France, really near to l’Alpe d’Huez, that’s why he can’t miss this huge event.


After Communication studies, he was forced to work on the family farm.
Passionate about music since a young age, he mix and produces his own tracks since 10 years now (“Galluxy – My Way” in the video clip).


If you wanna help Galluxy to reach his goal and realize his dream you can share this website / the video everywere, on the socials !

This incredible journey can happen only because Tomorrowland is the world of magic and dreams !
More supports / shares > more attention on him and his crazy project.




Thank you very much in advance !


You think that you can help Galluxy in this project ?
(You are a Label manager ? Promoter ? Journalist ? ID&T worker ? […])
Or just want to write him a support message ?
You can contact him on facebook.

You can also share this website on the socials !



I can’t believe it happened !
I can’t believe I succeed in this challenge !

This week at Toomorrowland Winter was MAGICAL ! ??❄️?

Big thanks to my dream team
➡️ My girlfriend Manone ❤️
➡️ My little sis’ from the same moda ☺️
➡️ Mon Djé ?
➡️ Mon Clem
& also all the people who were there during my set ??

And obviously Britt and Michael from Tomorrowland,
my heroes ! 

Now back to reality / Already Nostalgic ?❤️

Here, a little video recap’ of my set :

Here, my full video set :

Here, my full Audio set :